We’ve Moved!

Hello friends,

We’ve moved on over to a new location. This should take care of the messy issue we’ve been having with our pictures. Sorry about all that.

Come visit us at the MI Taylor Family’s new site.

See you there!


Please Excuse the Mess

It has been a while since I posted on here, and shortly after that post, we realized my blog had turned into a big, ugly mess. The website I had previously used for hosting all my pictures suddenly changed their posting policy, and my photos have all been temporarily unavailable. Dan and I are working to remedy the problem, so in the meantime, please excuse this mess.

We’ve had a fantastic summer around here and there are several blog posts stored up in my head that I may or may not have time to write. I am, at the very least, hoping to give a picture-filled summer recap…eventually. I am sad to not post as often, but I don’t regret the decision as I’ve been using that time to take care of my family, work on one major project and a couple of small ones, and train for a triathlon (because moms need to exercise too).

Over the next couple of weeks our family has two trips planned, another school year to start, and Abby’s fourth birthday to celebrate. So, we’re going to continue working on this picture problem and enjoying the end-of-summer activities. I hope everyone else is enjoying summer as much as we are. We’ll see you all in (hopefully) a couple of weeks.