Babymoon (Pictures)

 photo IMG_1381_zpsxdhteupj.jpg

 photo holdingLij_zpsotfsey4r.jpg

 photo IMG_1427_zpsrvey4ueu.jpg

 photo IMG_1390_zpsola1oevm.jpg

 photo IMG_1393_zpsrkpjwlym.jpg

 photo IMG_1435_zpsqgvt2dof.jpg

 photo IMG_1394_zpswd971rnf.jpg

 photo IMG_1414_zpspnpbijrq.jpg

 photo IMG_1409_zpsmcy15lky.jpg

 photo IMG_1412_zpsbvvfixn1.jpg

 photo IMG_1440_zps5u9fz8eu.jpg

 photo IMG_1383_zpsv8gebhwk.jpg

 photo IMG_1418_zpszk6iqhyd.jpg

 photo IMG_1437_zpsjuk0cfzz.jpg

 photo IMG_1439_zps0rfmkcmk.jpg

 photo IMG_1451_zpsdrefi8sa.jpg

 photo MommyLij_zpsii29qte7.jpg

 photo IMG_1453_zpsqmotkybn.jpg


One thought on “Babymoon (Pictures)

  1. Oh, thank you so much, Justine. This is just precious!!! Shall certainly look at it more than once, and enjoy it each time. Each one is so cute….always smiling! Thanks. Love you all.

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