A Glimpse of Our Garden

 photo garden_zpswnyjch1z.jpg

Well, the week is rapidly winding down, and I’ve been really busy with our Munchkins, but thought I’d share a little glimpse with you all of our family’s first attempt at gardening. We’ve wanted a garden for several summers now but it’s never worked out until this year. It’s been far more work than I anticipated, but we’re enjoying the fruits of our labor. The picture above was taken just after a lettuce and kale harvest so the greens are looking a little pathetic. They usually look much nicer: bigger and fuller. We’ve gotten a lot of salads out of this garden.

On our deck are some flower boxes that we filled instead with dill and baby greens this year. They’ve done amazingly well and we’ve gotten three harvests out of the baby greens already.

 photo babygreens_zpsjukvegs8.jpg

Green beans have been our easiest and most rewarding endeavor. I pick them three times a week now and we’ve been enjoying lots of cooked and raw green beans. I’ve even made some baby food for Paul…for when he’s ready.

 photo greenbeans_zpsagg0vgqg.jpg

This is my favorite part of the garden. Back in the spring we were given several organic bell peppers. I pulled out some seeds, just for fun, and planted seeds from red, yellow, orange, and green peppers. And just look, they’ve done beautifully. This picture is about a week old and this morning I counted at least eight little baby peppers going strong. Now we’ll just see if they change colors. 🙂

 photo mypepper_zpstclqbejh.jpg

That’s about it, other than Lydia’s sunflower patch. But, as I hardly have enough time and energy to keep up with weeding the vegetable garden, I’ve let that go. Surprisingly, the first flower bloomed this week, and was on a mammoth sunflower that had fallen down during a storm. Lydia and I propped it back up and are hoping that’ll be the biggest flower of the summer. If they do well, maybe I’ll put up a picture for you all in a few weeks.


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