Taylor Staycation 2015

 photo IMG_9078_zpsksd1ixme.jpg

The big news in our family is that Dan will be starting a brand new job on June 8! His last job went well for a while but gradually the requirements began to change until he was doing work he didn’t enjoy. Finally it became obvious that it was time to find a different job and he began applying to various positions. As it turned out, he received two offers at the same time and we had a stressful weekend trying to decide between the two. The decision came down to simply praying about it and Dan settled on a new job as a quality engineer for a car company.

All this is to say that Dan is off work from now until June 8, so we’ve decided to fill the remaining days with fun family activities close to home. To kick off our fun times, we took a trip out to our favorite downtown: Plymouth. We had to go there so I could get some more pictures at our favorite Plymouth fountain, carrying on the tradition from the past two years.

 photo fountain_zps62017afb.jpg
 photo fountainpic_zpsc1b22cb0.jpg
 photo IMG_9076_zpsmskkdg4u.jpg

Lydia and Abby, 2014:
 photo LydiaAbsFountain_zpsdde973c9.jpg
Lydia, Abby, and Paul, 2015:
 photo IMG_9075_zpsno0cnbf0.jpg

We have a lot more fun coming, including Lydia’s fourth birthday party, a trip to Greenfield Village, and some other surprises. I’ll do my best to take some pictures so you can all share in the fun.


One thought on “Taylor Staycation 2015

  1. We are thankful for the new job, and enjoyed seeing how the little family is growing!!! Cherish every moment of these memory-making days! Love you.

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