Taylor Home Tour

Welcome to our new home! Would you like to take a look around?

Before we get started, I have a confession to make. I spent the whole morning running around, cleaning, and moving things out of the pictures before I took them. No, our house is not as clean as it looks here. But this is a blog, after all. Maybe I’ll hold this post up as inspiration in the future to keep things clean. šŸ™‚

Anyway, come on in.

 photo IMG_8404_zpsa996f87c.jpg

Here is our living room, but let’s start with the upstairs, shall we? Turn to your right.

 photo IMG_8396_zps97bf81a2.jpg

Up we go.

 photo IMG_8397_zps7fcc96cd.jpg

Don’t trip over the baby gate. We recently bought a new one that swings open (much safer for pregnant mommies carrying toddlers!), but it hasn’t arrived yet.

 photo IMG_8398_zps07d4b330.jpg

To your immediate right, you’ll find the Master bedroom.

 photo IMG_8400_zpse32b5483.jpg

The family who sold us this house also gave us a lot of their furniture, including an entire bedroom set for this room. However, we priced out king size mattresses and decided to stick with our queen. Then we couldn’t get our box spring up the stairs so we ended up buying a new bed frame from Ikea. Now I enjoy our new headboard every single night when I read before going to sleep. Then I enjoy it again in the morning while Lydia snuggles with me and I read my Bible and pray. But, go ahead, and have a look around.

 photo IMG_8401_zps492f5563.jpg
 photo IMG_8402_zps1fa77c5e.jpg
 photo IMG_8403_zpsa792c692.jpg

Now we’ll head across the hallway to the baby room/office.

 photo IMG_8380_zps3ddb29dc.jpg

Glider for Baby. It needs new cushions. Or the current ones need to be washed. Not sure which we’ll do yet.

 photo IMG_8382_zps155a088f.jpg

Desk for Dan…

 photo IMG_8381_zps39c6f8cf.jpg

Books and a few other boxes we have yet to sort through…

 photo IMG_8383_zps94bcdeb9.jpg

Now we’ll head further down the hallway to the girls’ room. Shhhh, Abby’s napping.

 photo IMG_8391_zps7e8580bf.jpg

You also probably noticed that I’m in the process of washing Lydia’s sheets.

 photo IMG_8392_zps7cf7903c.jpg

The closet does have doors but they have to be reinstalled. When we had the floors put in (did you notice the beautiful new floors?) the workers took out the closet doors in here and they have to be cut to fit above the new floor now.

 photo IMG_8393_zps1b5a7355.jpg
 photo IMG_8394_zpsbd8f7795.jpg

I love this part of the room. Eventually Lydia’s kitchen will go in this little nook.

 photo IMG_8395_zps25462c07.jpg

Just a little further to our “dumping grounds”, that is, the third bedroom that currently holds all of the kids’ clothes. I have to sort through it all, but it’s not my top priority at the moment. This is also where Baby’s bed currently resides, although we plan to move it in to the Baby room/office.

 photo IMG_8384_zps350df624.jpg
 photo IMG_8385_zps0e20554c.jpg
 photo IMG_8387_zps3b06424e.jpg
 photo IMG_8386_zps79488c5c.jpg
 photo IMG_8388_zps509c25f1.jpg

You’ll notice all that storage across the hall, from the ceiling…

 photo IMG_8389_zpsc60fcf65.jpg

…down to the floor.

 photo IMG_8390_zps22115bfe.jpg

At the end of the hallway is the bathroom.

 photo IMG_8378_zps95f3afdd.jpg

I love the girls’ puppy and elephant towels hanging there so happily. We really do need to install some more hooks though.

 photo IMG_8379_zps32be7de8.jpg

And now we’ll go back downstairs to see the first floor. Notice the nifty shelves on the way down? This is the first time Dan and I have had more shelves than books. It’s nice.

 photo IMG_8399_zps07c1cf51.jpg

Here we are again in the living room. Notice the short open door to your right? That’s Lydia’s “dressup closet” and it’s nearly always in use. To close that for all the pictures would have been impossible. It was hard enough keeping the Munchkin in her tutu out of the pictures.

 photo IMG_8404_zpsa996f87c.jpg

There’s our Christmas tree.

 photo IMG_8405_zps20482e71.jpg

We ended up rearranging all of our furniture to accommodate the Christmas decorations. I love having this setup where I can read or work on little projects while I sit between all the Christmas lights. It’s cozy.

 photo IMG_8406_zpsa662dfe3.jpg

There’s our Beloved Christmas Moose.

 photo IMG_8407_zps6eb0b559.jpg

Stockings and the kid-friendly nativity scene arranged by our own Munchkin. Yes, I realize we could have hung the stockings from our fireplace mantle like you’re supposed to. We tried but the hooks we were using just fell off. I looked up real stocking holders, but they weren’t in our budget this year.

 photo IMG_8408_zps333e9c79.jpg
 photo IMG_8409_zps601f3d13.jpg

Now through this doorway is the kitchen.

 photo IMG_8414_zpsf21bf32e.jpg

This breakfast nook is also Dan’s favorite spot to grade papers and plan lectures for the class he’s been teaching.

 photo IMG_8415_zps681109fa.jpg

Lots of cupboards, lots of counter space. I love this kitchen.

 photo IMG_8416_zps9d6a09e3.jpg

The kitchen pictures are the most deceiving. The counters are actually covered in appliances. The appliances were under the island, but we’re installing a pretty massive water filter system there and I have to find new homes for everything. I love having my counters nearly bare (easy to clean!), and we’re currently deciding whether or not the coffee pot deserves a permanent spot up there. Dan votes “yes”, I’m leaning toward “no”. Thoughts?

Moving along…

 photo IMG_8417_zpsd7d4a2dd.jpg

Here’s the island with a prep sink and everything. So handy.

 photo IMG_8418_zps80d9dbc6.jpg

Through that door you see just past the island is the laundry area. It cuts right through to the piano room. We’ll get there.

 photo IMG_8419_zpsf233c7a8.jpg

Washer and dryer behind those closets.

 photo IMG_8420_zpse307bf51.jpg

Drying rack, hamper, and broom back here. We’d like to get that broom to hang up. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet. The hooks just fall down…might have to actually put some holes in the wall…

 photo IMG_8421_zpsbd3f72ff.jpg

Just past the kitchen is that back of our house and the dining area.

 photo IMG_8423_zpse5433dd3.jpg

This is the door we actually use. You, as a guest, came in the front door.

 photo IMG_8424_zpsd8677d8e.jpg

Across from the back door, the first thing you see when you walk in, is our family-less tree. One day it will become a family tree, but that day hasn’t come yet.

 photo IMG_8425_zpsdfc32650.jpg

Here’s where all the meals happen. And my sewing.

 photo IMG_8426_zpsfa1a289f.jpg

Adjacent to the dining room is the piano room. It also currently holds our chest freezer, closet doors to the girls’ room, Abby’s “standing toy”, and that massive water filter system I mentioned earlier.

 photo IMG_8427_zps7c7921f3.jpg

It also holds more decorations than any other room in the house. Sparse, I know. We’ll get there.

 photo IMG_8428_zpse16f877a.jpg

And here we come around to the hallway that takes you out. We did a big loop, if you followed all of that.

 photo IMG_8410_zps22c17c81.jpg

Before we go that way, I’ll open this closet door to give you a sneak peak into one of our many closets. I have unpacked sufficiently for now, but the closets are a mess. This is my “mom closet”. It has random toys that haven’t been put away yet, sewing projects, homeschool research materials, and some other miscellaneous items I don’t want the girls to get into.

 photo IMG_8411_zpsbbf25530.jpg

We’ll just shut that closet door and make our way out.Did you notice I even closed Lydia’s dress up closet for you? Feel free to use the restroom on your way out. First door on the left. You can just move Lydia’s potty seat. There’s a nifty little hook for it on the side of the sink.

 photo IMG_8410_zps22c17c81.jpg
 photo IMG_8412_zpsc1787547.jpg
 photo IMG_8413_zps4124ac1c.jpg

Well, it’s about lunch time and Abby needs to get up from her nap, so I’ll let you let yourself out. We won’t explore outside today as it’s getting late and it’s pretty cold out there. Have a nice trip home, stay warm, and come again soon!


5 thoughts on “Taylor Home Tour

  1. Such a nice tour, thanks for having us over!:)….I vote counter for the coffee…I know Shawn uses ours almost daily, and it saves an extra step not having to pull it out each morning just having it there for him. Congrats on the new place!

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