The Great House Hunt

You probably already know that Dan and I are in the midst of shopping for a house. It has been a long road so far, sometimes exciting, often disappointing. At the time I am writing this we have gone with our realtor to look at 22 different houses, two of them twice. We’ve driven by more homes and opted not to go look at them for one reason or another. We’ve hearted and starred and saved more homes online whose prices were too high or homes that we thought we might go see in the future. Today I thought I would give you all a glimpse into our housing hunt so far.

I remember the first home Dan and I liked. We had just gotten pre-approved for a mortgage and both of us noticed this cute little home go up for sale. We booked a visit and waited. The family got sick and we had to reschedule. The day before our appointment someone made an offer on the spot and the sellers accepted. So we never did get to see that cute, little house.

 photo soldtoofast_zps435ed8e2.jpg

A few days later this charming home came on the market. We called our realtor and got to go see it that night. We prayed and prayed on the way to see the house, not wanting to rush anything. We loved it. The neighborhood seemed perfect, the house was move-in-ready, and the fenced-in back yard had a gate that opened up to soccer fields and a walking trail behind the neighborhood. That night we Skyped Dan’s parents and decided to make an offer. Later we found out that we got beat out by someone else who had made the same offer, but with cash.

 photo offer1_zps66c70cad.jpg

Oh was that disappointing.

A few days later another home came up that was in the same neighborhood. It needed a little work, and it wasn’t as nice, but we jumped on it. Someone else offered way more than the asking price and we lost that one too.

 photo offer2_zps10b68322.jpg

So the search continued. We looked at a few more. Eventually we found another ranch in another neighborhood that was a little less nice. The house was beautiful though and also move-in-ready. We made an offer and heard back that night, “Is that as high as you can go?”. There was another offer. So we raised our offer a little, but the other offer was “way higher” and we lost that one too.

 photo offer3_zps707fdac9.jpg

So our search has continued. There have been two other homes we’ve really seriously considering offering on, but decided not to for various reasons.

 photo almostsurrey_zps65713745.jpg

 photo almostspringer_zpsa0528c50.jpg

Some homes have been in bad locations.

 photo badlocation_zpsb8a4fd28.jpg

Some have had no yard.

 photo noyard_zps91aa63c7.jpg

Some have had damp basements. Some were too close to highways or busy roads and the noise was unbearable. Some have smelled damp or moldy. Some have been cheaply redone and were overpriced.

And so, 22 houses later we are still on our housing search. Every day was ask God to give us the right home, at the right price, in the right time (and that the right time would be soon!). We have a few on our radar right now and I am confident that we will be in a home of our very own…someday.

3 thoughts on “The Great House Hunt

  1. The “right” house is there, waiting for you….somewhere! It is hard sometimes to be patient….ask us, we know!!! But it is there, and we also pray about it. So, keep the faith, and keep looking…our Lord has just the one He wants you to have!

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