Guess that Taylor

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Yesterday was the perfect holiday. The sun was shining and it was wonderfully warm outside. We had a great day visiting friends, house-hunting, walking in the sunshine, taking naps in the cool basement, and getting some necessary chores accomplished. During our visit with friends, Lydia stayed busy watching ants, playing in a sandbox, and helping move some bricks (but not really). Like I said, it was a perfect holiday.

During breakfast before our busy day began, someone said something unexpected. And somehow that launched Dan and I into a discussion of the things we each say. That turned into this game, which has now been dubbed Guess that Taylor. I thought I would invite you all to join in the fun.

Below I’ll list ten quotes, spoken by someone in the family, at some point during Memorial Day. The first person to answer all ten correctly gets a million points. Or, if no one gets them all right, the first person who gets the most correct answers gets a half million points. I’ll try to post the answers tomorrow afternoon. All submissions are valid until the answers are posted. Your choices for answers are:

D – Dan
J – Justine
L – Lydia
A – Abigail

There is only one correct answer for each quote, except for one of them, which may have up to four correct answers.

1. “Let’s go outside.”
2. “I want to go inside.”
3. “This is messy. Clean it up.”
4. “I don’t need a nap today.”
5. “I’m not tired.”
6. “Ah-buh-gah.”
7. “Hold me!”
8. “It doesn’t get any better than this!”
9. “I’m scary.”
10. “I’m stinky.”

Ready? Go! Leave a comment with your guesses.


2 thoughts on “Guess that Taylor

  1. 1) L…I think she likes it outside. 2)J – it was time to eat! 3) D…someone made a mess! 4)L…who wants a nap on a beautiful day! 5)L…who wants to ADMIT to needing a nap!
    6)A..Abby had to get her two cents worth in too! 7)L she was getting tired after all! 8)D, J, L and A…everyone had a super day! 9)L…trying to play a trick on someone and 10)A…I think it would be her!!!!!
    Fun game, probably didn’t get a single one right, but it was fun! Sounds like it was truly a perfect holiday, and we are so glad for you!
    Thanks for the entertainment!!! Love you.

  2. 1. “Let’s go outside.” – D
    2. “I want to go inside.” – J
    3. “This is messy. Clean it up.” – J
    4. “I don’t need a nap today.” – A
    5. “I’m not tired.” – L
    6. “Ah-buh-gah.” – A
    7. “Hold me!” – L
    8. “It doesn’t get any better than this!” – D,J,L,A
    9. “I’m scary.” – L
    10. “I’m stinky.” – D

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