(A Little More Than) 30,000 Words

Our little Abby-girl is getting so big and chubby and strong.

 photo tummy1_zpsde2f0432.jpg

and cute.

 photo tummy2_zpsb4e9d63c.jpg

and smart.

 photo thinker_zps73563efd.jpg

Oh and, don’t forget about this little munchkin!

 photo whereslydia_zps6e6156dd.jpg

I recently promised her a tea party.

 photo teaparty1_zpsd60b3610.jpg
 photo teaparty2_zps18696e60.jpg
 photo teaparty3_zpse8af37fa.jpg
 photo teaparty4_zps6bd47642.jpg
 photo teaparty5_zps43c5511f.jpg

Abby, can I get a smile out of you?

 photo swing0_zps55aa8c36.jpg
 photo swing1_zps21d24c22.jpg
 photo swing2_zps87e6465c.jpg
 photo swing3_zpsa3c0350d.jpg
 photo swing4_zps4c8dc3cc.jpg

Hey there!

 photo pinkabby2_zps4afef8ce.jpg

I think you are a…

 photo pinkabby1_zps53e1bbf9.jpg

Pretty girl.

 photo pinkabby3_zpsc3fa9d36.jpg

Aren’t we charming?

 photo charming_zps041a2aa7.jpg

Abby too.

 photo sadface_zps999b16ab.jpg

Lydia is still bigger.

 photo pinklydia1_zpscb1e57b9.jpg

Let’s hope she doesn’t take advantage of that.

 photo pinklydia2_zps2d56c939.jpg

Abby, smile! Lydia, smile for real!

 photo photoshootcharming2_zpse38c04a8.jpg

Oh dear.

 photo everybodynow_zpsf8c3c188.jpg
 photo photoshootcharming_zpscf7221cb.jpg

A little better but we had to leave one out.

 photo mommylydia_zpsb92ded5e.jpg

Lydia sometimes asks to hold Abby.

 photo holdingabby2_zps88998701.jpg
 photo holdingabby1_zpsdc332a6c.jpg
 photo holdingabby3_zps90708a00.jpg

Ok girls, lets wrap this up with a picture of you both. Smile.

 photo lydiasmile_zps40179659.jpg

Abby, you too.

 photo abbysmile_zps87bca905.jpg

Now both…

 photo abbyandlydiasmile_zps148eeaf6.jpg

Close enough.


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