Over the River and through the Woods

 photo goingtogmas1_zps7103b998.jpg

The bags are packed. The Christmas presents are finally wrapped. The snow has come, but we are going North to Grandma’s (and Grandpa’s and Nana’s and Papa’s)!

This is our 7th attempt to get together with my family to celebrate Christmas, and introduce everyone to Abby…outside an isolette. All week Lydia has woken up from every nap and bedtime yelling, “Grandpa Grandma’s House!” and we’ve had to remind her, “yep, in three days…two days…tomorrow”.

To prepare for the trip, Lydia dressed up in her “going North outfit”, my fancy schmancy raincoat (from the time I went to Africa), a small purse from a dear friend (containing her toy cell phone and a hair bow), and Mom’s high heels (which Mom never wears, but Lydia puts to good use).

There is a long car ride in store. Fun to be had. Pictures to come.

We are ready.

 photo gma2_zps4f9f7a52.jpg


4 thoughts on “Over the River and through the Woods

  1. So happy for you that you can finally make it! Have a wonderful time..love these pictures of Lydia!!! She’s so cute. Enjoy every minute of your trip! Praying for your safety, too.

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