Bedroom Remodel…Almost

 photo closetafteropen_zpse1fdff42.jpg

Last Friday I threw my routine out the window and spent the whole day organizing our bedroom. Still a mess from when we moved in, I just haven’t had a good chunk of time to tackle this project, so I’ve left it a mess for far too long. When Dan commented on the mess (for the first time in six months) I decided enough was enough. I’m almost too embarrassed to share the “before” pictures, but this is our real life. And, they make the “after” pictures so much more impressive.

Here’s the view when you walk into our bedroom:
 photo windowbefore_zps7ef0c0f2.jpg
 photo windowafter_zpse593de58.jpg

I managed to rearrange our furniture in a way that made the room feel more cozy. And I successfully hid Lydia’s old crib in the back of our closet. It’s not ideal, but it’s practical for the amount of storage space we have right now.

To the left you can see our closet:
 photo closetbefore2_zpsd58493ef.jpg
 photo closetafterclosed_zpsbf4ee249.jpg

I promise I only did a tiny little bit of mess-transferring. And the only messes I transferred were transferred to their rightful locations.

When you turn around you can see Abby’s crib and Dan’s desk:
 photo deskbefore_zpseb51f368.jpg
 photo deskafter_zpsa933eddd.jpg

Now Dan has a relatively spacious place to work away from the rest of the family. And he can actually get to it now that I moved his bike!

So, no, we didn’t actually remodel anything, but the change is just as refreshing. Instead of costing us a small fortune, this project was free. In fact, I found 74 cents in the process! I can’t help but grin when I walk into our room now, and I found myself wandering back there Friday night just to keep looking at it. And our routine-free day was actually not stressful or crazy like I imagined. In fact, I’m thinking of making it a regular practice to occasionally ditch the routine and tackle a project, just to keep things interesting.

Next up: That Elusive Laundry Room!


7 thoughts on “Bedroom Remodel…Almost

  1. Good job, Justine! Everything looks so nice…and doesn’t it give you a great feeling to have it done! Did Lydia help? Enjoy your “new” room! Love you.

  2. Love it! I’ve recently been working through some rooms in our house, tidying, cleaning, touching up paint and moving furniture. It’s all looking so much better and like you I keep wondering into our bedroom and sitting on the bed thinking Awww I like it in here again. I easily fall out of love with rooms within our house when they get messy and cluttered but now they are much better I realise why I loved them in the first place.

  3. Wonderful job! My husband and I are blessed with a big house (and 8, going on 9, children to fill it) and our bedroom is usually in pretty good shape. I have to say it helps SO much having a quiet, peaceful haven to retreat to when things get bananas. I know how HARD it is to make time to do a major cleanup when you’ve got little ones, and you’ve had quite a year. Congratulations! In 10 short years, your kids can help you with organizing but right now, I’m sure they do their best to distract you :-).

    • Thanks Laraba. I love that room. Yesterday when I was flustered about how messy things were getting, I thought about just going and sitting in there for a while to enjoy our new haven. Congratulations on number 9! When are you due?

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