When Mom Snapped

 photo snapped_zps7d9be90c.jpg

Sunday afternoon when we were all tired and sick
Mom suddenly snapped when she let out a, “That’s it!”
She was tired, then sniffly, then suddenly mad
And then she would get all frustrated then sad.

She slumped off to the couch and curled up in a ball
Then earnestly, silently for help she did call,
Sincerely she asked, “Oh what shall I do?”
“I know, Lord, I am not being pleasing to You.”

And so patiently, faithfully, the voice from above
Came to her aid with some words full of love,
“Clean the kitchen”, He told her, that well-known voice said
So she made her resolution and lifted her head.

Then off to the kitchen she headed quite quickly
Still flustered, still tired, and still very sickly.
She turned on the faucet, water poured out
And she washed all those dishes stuck under the spout.

Then on to the counter, then on to the ledge
So set in her mission, so set in her pledge
Every crumb, every splatter, she cleaned them all up
She cleaned every platter, she cleaned every cup.

Still flustered and sickly, on to the next room
When she’d straightened that up she brought in the broom
She swept and she vacuumed, she tackled that floor
Then she looked around, ready for more.

Her husband and daughters looked on in alarm
They snatched up their belongings to keep then from harm
“Mom’s lost it!” Dan said. He warned Lydia too,
“Better watch out, she might throw away you!”

“The TRASH!” she remembered was crowding the floor
She hauled it all out to the hall by the door.
She piled the books, she threw away paper
And when all looked neat her frenzy, it started to taper.

And just as she finished her straightening huff
Her husband announced, “I think that’s enough”
Mom stopped her mission and looked at everyone
With a soft happy smile she said, “I’m done.”

Half a week has now passed since Mom got so mean
but clues from her snapping can still be seen.
And the lesson to be learned from Mom’s flustered huff
It that when Mom gets overwhelmed, hang on to your stuff.

 photo clean_zpsd27b76b3.jpg


4 thoughts on “When Mom Snapped

  1. So cute, Justine…and we all have times like that!!!! Hope you feel better! Everyone’s colds getting better? Sure hope so. Love you.

  2. Loved it! So creative. I know when I’m super stressed that getting the house in order helps a lot. I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Looks great, you are not the only one. In fact when I get behind, I start to shut down and find it hard to snap out of it. I go out of the house more often so I don’t have to look at my mess. Something that has helped me to stay on top of things is an app my friend shared with me called MoMo. Motivatedmoms.com gives you chores for each day. There are things That I may not get to but helps me keep on top of things overall. Mainly laundry and dishes. Remember that your babies will only be with you for so long and then they are gone, so don’t be to hard on yourself if you don’t get to cleaning something. That will always be there. On the other hand it also helps a moms sanity to have structure and organization. Find a medium. As someone who has never been a morning person, I have been waking up at 6-6:15am for the last 6months or so, to start my day with our Father which has brought a lot of order into my life. I also go to the Y almost everyday (Mon. -Fri.) for up to an hour and a half. Gives the kids play time with other kids and a break for me, as well as burning off some stress. It is also ok to ask for help. I don’t have family around but God has blessed us with brothers and sister in Christ and friends who have yet to come to Him, to help us out when we need help. For instance, I got so far behind on laundry one time, I had 3heaping baskets full of clean, unfolded laundry and a tall “dirty clothes” hamper full of clean unfolded laundry. I took it all over to a friends house, had my children take naps at her house and my friend Jenny and I had a folding laundry party! We had fun! Try to find ways to make everyday chores fun. I wish I could come help ya out, though with me, comes 4kids, 4and under. It’s difficult to get much done unless it’s nap time or bed time, even then… I usually take a nap when the kids do and spend time with the hub whe the kids go to bed. So going back to the MoMo, it has helped me space out the chores throughout the day so I can relax/nap at nap time and I don’t have so much to do all at once after the kids go to bed. Sorry it was so long. I hope this was encouraging to you, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and a wonderful mom!

    • Thanks Stephanie. I actually have a pretty good system that keeps us on top of things most of the time. However, when I’m up a lot with Abby and we’re all sick and out of the house half the day…things can pile up! I can’t imagine 4 under 4 though! I’m grateful for a helpful two year old and understanding husband who is usually just fine with our level of order even if it gets to be a bit too chaotic for my taste. 🙂

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