Abby Update: 11 Weeks Old

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Gestation: 39 weeks, 4 days
Weight: 5 pounds, 3 ounces
Feedings: Continuous feeds of HMF fortified milk through a post-pyloric feeding tube on a pump running at 16 ml per hour

Things have been moving along (slowly) over the past couple of days. We are hoping to get a more definitive answer tonight as to whether Abby has pyloric stenosis or not.

Monday Abby got to eat her tiny amounts and she consistently spit them up.

Tuesday morning they decided to just keep feeding her a larger amount to see what she would do. After watching her spit up all of her feeds I wasn’t too eager to put more in her poor little tummy only to have her spit it back up, so I emphasized how much she had been spitting up and asked what the next step would be. They still decided to feed her 12 ml every three hours, but said that if she spit up, they would do an ultrasound.

Abby was allowed to nurse twice yesterday. Both times that she was allowed to nurse, she was so happy and eating great only to forcefully vomit everything back up while she was still eating (and only after a few minutes). At her 5 PM feeding I decided that, if the doctors didn’t make the decision, I was going to ask that she stop receiving food to her tummy until something else was figured out. I was grateful not to have to make that decision when they did an ultrasound that seemed to show (again) pyloric stenosis.

Then things got more interesting as I heard the doctors fighting discussing (with raised voices) Abby’s next step. Pediatric Surgery watched the ultrasound and remained unconvinced that Abby has pyloric stenosis. The neonatologist team watched the ultrasound and remained convinced that Abby does have pyloric stenosis.

This morning it was decided that Abby will get an upper gastrointestinal series to test (again) for pyloric stenosis. An upper GI is a test that Abby had done a couple of weeks ago at St. Joe’s. For the test Abby will be fed a mixture of barium and water and then x-rays will be taken of the mixture traveling down her stomach and through (or not through) her pylorus.

There was some disagreement about whether or not Abby’s post-pyloric (NJ) feeding tube has to come out for the test. Pediatric Surgery said yes, the neonatologists said no, and radiology said the tube could stay in. So Abby will hopefully be able to have that test done today. The results will determine our next course of action, that is, whether or not Abby will need surgery.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Holidays are no fun when you’re in the hospital, not just because they are holidays spent in the hospital, but because the hospital is down to a skeleton crew. If you need any tests or procedures done, it’s hard to get them scheduled. This is also true during weekends. So, if Abby doesn’t get her upper GI (and possibly surgery) today, it may not happen until Monday. So, as you can imagine, Dan and I are pushing for things to get done as fast as possible.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-a possible (fixable) diagnosis
-that Abby remembers how to nurse

Please Pray:
-that Abby can get her test and possible surgery before the weekend
-that the upper GI will be conclusive
-that we won’t have to repeat the upper GI without a feeding tube to appease Pediatric Surgery
-that Abby will only receive surgery if she truly needs it
-for patience for Dan and I…we really want Abby home!


4 thoughts on “Abby Update: 11 Weeks Old

  1. Goodness, what a trying time for all of you. We shall pray hard she can have the test and surgery if she needs it. It certainly sounds just like Uncle Gene!!!! And we will certainly pray for patience for you….we are so sorry it is taking so long, but are thankful she was up another ounce. It IS hard to be in the hospital on a holiday, and we had hoped Abby would be home. May it still be a special day for you, as while there are difficult moments for you (and we don’t like those), there are also many blessings….and YOU are a blessing to many. So may it be special day in many ways.
    Love you and will keep praying, along with our friends.

  2. Is it possible her spitting up is an allergic reaction to the formula by the tummy? We are praying for you all…… Uncle Dave

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