Abby Update: 72 Days Old

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Gestation: 38 weeks, 6 days
Weight: 4 pounds, 14 ounces
Feedings: Continuous feeds of HMF fortified milk through a post-pyloric feeding tube on a pump running at 15 ml per hour

Dan and I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of days discussing our “theories” with the doctors as to what is causing or contributing to Abby’s issues. I won’t go into all the gruesome details here, but will instead share the decisions that have been made and the upcoming plans.

Last night at 6 PM, Abby started receiving milk that was fortified with HMF to 22 calories per ounce. Over the night and through today she had four small spit ups of the mucus-like liquid from her stomach. Today the doctors decided to increase Abby’s fortification to 24 cal, which will start at 6 PM tonight.

Since Abby still hadn’t had a dirty diaper, today she was given a suppository. Within minutes she had a very full, very stinky diaper.

If Abby “tolerates” the feeds tonight, the next step will be to pull her post-pyloric tube back up into her stomach. The anticipation is that she will start to spit up again and we will repeat the ultrasound to look for pyloric stenosis. However, it’s a little more difficult to schedule ultrasounds on weekends, because less people are working, so it may be Monday before the feeding tube is pulled back into Abby’s tummy. Either way, by the next blog post I should have some sort of results from Abby’s first attempt(s) at getting food directly to her tummy.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-that Abby finally had a dirty diaper, even if it was with “help”
-as UofM still does routine “rounds” on weekends (St. Joe’s didn’t always), we’ll be able to stay up-to-date over the next couple of days on Abby’s progress

Please Pray:
-that Abby will continue to tolerate the HMF or that it would be clear if the HMF is causing (or contributing to) any problems
-wisdom and direction for this doctor, the new one who comes on next week, and the residents as they make decisions regarding Abby’s care
-that they will go ahead with Abby’s plan this weekend instead of making us all wait until Monday


One thought on “Abby Update: 72 Days Old

  1. Thanks for the update again, Justine. We always look forward to them. And will be praying she tolerates this. Still hoping and praying she’s home for Thanksgiving!!!

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