Abby Update: 8 Weeks Old

 photo sleeping_zps8b261d05.jpg

Gestation: 36 weeks, 4 days
Weight: 4 pounds, 10 ounces
Feedings: However much she wants by bottle

Abby is still not gaining weight. However, she is stooling on her own now. Yesterday we were disappointed to hear that she lost another ounce, but the doctor decided to wait another day and weigh her again to see if she started gaining. Today her weight was exactly the same. She didn’t lose. But she didn’t gain either. Dan and I aren’t able to be at the hospital for rounds today so we’ll find out tonight what the doctor decides to do. Abby is still spitting up a lot. If we could get that under control, she would probably start to gain weight again, fortifier or no.

Abby stools when she’s off of the fortifier. But she gets more calories on the fortifier. Maybe they’ll put her back on the fortifier, or maybe they’ll alternate days when she gets fortified milk. We’ll see.

This morning during her daily exam, the doctor told Dan that Abby has a big hernia. That is, the “gap” through which something is protruding (probably her left ovary) is large so it’s easy to see the bulge. It is good to have a big gap because that means there’s less risk of the gap closing and requiring an emergency surgery. The pediatric surgeon has been on vacation and will see Abby today or tomorrow and decide when she should have the surgery.

Today Abby will have some routine blood work done. We’ll get an updated blood count. She’ll also have her biweekly eye exam. These exams will continue until the blood vessels in her eye finish developing.

Things are pretty quiet in the NICU these days. As of last night there were only 11 babies, so they moved all of the babies back over to the NICU side to keep them all together for now. This is Abby’s fifth move of her life. Maybe the next time she moves it’ll be move home! One of Abby’s preemie friends, who we’ve nicknamed “Belleville Baby” might be going home this Sunday after ten weeks in the NICU. We’re happy for them, and hope that Abby will soon follow in Belleville Baby’s footsteps.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-that Abby didn’t loose weight last night
-that Abby has a large gap so it is likely she won’t have trouble with the hernia while we are waiting for surgery

Please Pray:
-that Abby gain weight!
-that Abby will spit up less
-wisdom for all involved in making decisions regarding Abby’s fortifier


One thought on “Abby Update: 8 Weeks Old

  1. Thanks, Justine…and such a cute picture! She’s so sweet. And we will certainly honor those specific prayer requests…praying things will smooth out, she will stop the spitting up, and will gain. We so long for you to be able to take her home, and that day will come! We love you, and will share the requests. Keep gathering the edelweiss! Hugs to all.

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