Abby Update: 6 Weeks Old

 photo sleeping_zps1d494491.jpg

Gestation: 34 weeks, 4 days
Weight: 4 pounds, 6 ounces
Feedings: 40 milliliters every 3 hours by gravity or bottle

Monday Night: nursed 14 ml
Tuesday Morning: nursed 14 ml
Tuesday Night: 0
Wednesday Morning: nursed 6 ml, bottled 19 ml

Abigail is still struggling. She has yet to stool on her own, and has been given suppositories once or twice in the past couple of days. Monday night she was given a suppository at 11 PM. By 2 AM she had a dirty diaper and when it was time to eat she ate her first complete bottle! This further supports our thesis that if she could just start to go on her own, she would be back on track! She hasn’t nursed well since Saturday but is taking a larger portion of her feeds by bottle.

Yesterday at rounds we started talking to the doctor about the trouble Abby’s been having. She suggested that we’re going to need to try some different things to help her start going on her own, because it’s obviously becoming quite a problem. Dan asked if, before trying anything too strange, we take her off the formula (fortifier) to see if she digests a little better. Even though the nutritionalist insisted that Abby needs the fortifier, the doctor wanted to see what she’d do off of it.

For Abby’s first few feeds on pure milk, she had little to no residual in her tummy (leftover milk from the previous feed)! However, she still hasn’t been able to stool. The major concern is that without the fortifier she won’t get enough calories to grow. At just 34 1/2 weeks (gestation) she’s really not even “supposed” to be eating yet, so all of the energy she burns by being awake and trying to eat requires more calories than she’s getting from straight milk. Tonight she’s scheduled for the next weighing so we’ll see how she does.

Dan and I are concerned that she might do better without the fortifier, if she’s given enough time to get everything else out of her system, which she obviously hasn’t done yet. However, we don’t know how long they’ll let her try because it’s routine practice to keep all preemie’s on those extra calories.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-a chance to try feeding Abby pure milk without anything added
-that Abby is continuing to increase the amount of milk she’s taking my mouth
-no spit ups in the past couple of days!

Please Pray:
-that Abby will not become suppository dependent, that she would start to go on her own
-that Abby will have a substantial weight gain (at least 1-2 ounces) tonight
-that taking Abby off the fortifier would help her digest better and that the results would be clear
-that the doctors won’t put Abby back on the fortifier too soon, and miss any positive results that may occur
-that Abby won’t be so sleepy when it’s time to eat
-that Abby would get back to nursing more than half of her feeds


3 thoughts on “Abby Update: 6 Weeks Old

  1. Shall keep praying especially for those requests. She is adorable. She always looks like she has a hint of a smile! Praying for your whole family, that God will give you complete peace about her care. Love you.

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