Abby Update: 1 Month Old

 photo Abbyonemonth_zps06bc2296.jpg

Weight: 3 pounds, 8 ounces
Feedings: 32 milliliters fortified to 24 cal every 3 hours given over the course of 30 minutes

Today Abby’s nurse told us that they’ve labeled her the preemie model. She doesn’t alarm or fuss, and she’s doing exactly what they want her to. The doctor did rounds early this morning, so we missed them, but she stopped by later to give us a summary. She said that Abby’s turning the corner from “just being on the edge” (needing extra things like caffeine added to her feedings, breathing help, temperature monitoring, 1 1/2 hour long feeds to keep up blood sugar etc.) to becoming one of their standard “eat and grow babies”.

Tomorrow they will stop adding caffeine to Abby’s milk. Yesterday they reduced her feeding times to half an hour. She is gaining weight at a pleasing rate. Everything looks good. If there’s anything to complain about, it’s Abby’s frequent spit ups and her left foot, which is bent inward. Neither are a big deal right now. Eventually they will probably take x-rays of Abby’s foot to see what exactly is going on in there.

We recently had a nurse who offered to let us put Abby back in her isolette after we held her. Now, we routinely take her out and put her back for our twice-a-day holding times without the nurse’s help. This is significant because it’s difficult to maneuver all the wires, cords, and blankets, and to hold on to such a little baby and position her correctly so that her head is supported and she can breath easily. Having accomplished this task, some nurses point out that we’re practically qualified to work in the NICU ourselves. I can’t say I like having spent so much time there that I know how to do a lot of “nurse tasks”, but it does feel nice to be the one to pick up your own baby.

Abby’s neighbor was recently transferred across the hall to the “Special Care” unit. When Lydia was in the NICU, she was transferred to Special Care early because there were a bunch of preemies admitted at once and they ran out of room in the NICU. Usually Special Care is for the “eat and grow babies”, those that have no real problems, just need to get bigger and learn to eat. With Abby’s progress lately, I’ve been curious when she’ll be transferred, and maybe a little impatient. Abby’s next stops will be learning to eat (that one will take a while), graduating to an open crib, and moving across the hall.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-continued weight gain and steady progress
-nurses who let us take care of our own daughter

Please Pray:
-that Abby, Lydia, Dan and I will stay healthy…it was around this length of time in the NICU that Lydia got sick and we don’t want the same thing to happen with Abby
-that Abby would soon be able to come off her sodium and grow big and strong enough to make more “steps” forward (mentioned above)
-for our patience and perseverance


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