Abby Update: 24 Days Old

 photo Abbythinking_zps1816b0f1.jpg

Weight: 3 pounds, 4 ounces
Feedings: 28 milliliters fortified to 24 cal every 3 hours given over the course of 1 1/2 hours

Abby has had two solid weight gains in a row and is now up to the same weight Lydia was when she was born. Maybe she’s getting older and more stable, or maybe it’s all the avocado we’ve been eating around here lately. Most certainly it is an answer to many, many prayers.

The doctor ordered a repeat sodium urine test, but it still came back low (even with sodium supplements) so they believe her kidneys are actually doing a good job. The doctor seemed to be going a little fast during rounds as they discussed her sodium, guess he was afraid we’d hold him to his one month salary bet. 🙂 Abby will stay on sodium supplements and they will continue to check her sodium levels in her blood until things balance out.

Meanwhile, nurses have been commenting that Abby “acts like an older baby”. She can keep her temperature up well and is very alert at feeding times. All of these are very good things. Now that Abby has reached 32 weeks, we have the go-ahead to let her try and nurse, although she probably won’t actually succeed for a while. It’s good practice.

The rest of us are “hanging in there”. We’re tired and we miss Abby. But we are happy to have another week behind us, one less to go. My recovery is going well and today I was even able to watch Lydia (by myself!) for Abby’s hour and a half feeding while Dan held her. Sometimes Lydia will cooperate enough to stay in the NICU for a while when one of us is holding Abby and those times are extra special because we actually get to feel like one whole family.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-Abby’s weight gain and her alertness during feeding times
-Another week down and that Abby has reached the 32 week mark
-My healing and ability to do more now so that Dan can hold Abby more often

Please Pray:
-that Abby will continue to gain weight as that may very well be the limiting factor in when she can come home
-that we will have a good opportunity to let Abby try to nurse, when she is very awake, and that she’ll learn quickly
-for continued perseverance


2 thoughts on “Abby Update: 24 Days Old

  1. Praise God, things seem to be going so well for all of you! I’m so glad that Lydia can be there with you, getting to know her little sister. Shall continue to pray, as always….Love you all!

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