Those Fleeting Moments

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I’m pretty bad at this, but it is one thing I am learning to do: enjoy the fleeting moments. My natural tendency has been to work hard until my to-do list is complete, then I can relax and enjoy the moment. However, I am learning that life doesn’t work well this way because the most precious moments usually come in the middle of something that “has to be done”.

As I mentioned in the last post, we are making our first real attempt at potty training this week. I’ll wait until Friday to give a real update on how that has been going (as I’m not quite sure myself just yet). For now, lets just say that being locked in the bathroom all day, for multiple days, with a toddler (no matter how adorable and sweet that toddler is!) is driving me crazy. In fact, I had a small break-down last night, but after a little bit of fresh air and a lot of encouragement from my husband, things are well again.

In the midst of all of this, there have been a couple sweet and fleeting moments. One evening, Dan was doing some exercises in the living room, push-ups and sit-ups and the like, with Lydia “helping” by sitting on top of him. She was having so much fun, and called me over, so I came and I joined in on the fun with an impromptu photo shoot.
 photo CarpetPics_zps2f96e7ec.jpg

Then, yesterday morning, Lydia slept late. Dan went to work and I found myself toddler-less with some time to myself. I grabbed some tea, a blanket, and my Bible and settled in to enjoy some quiet time. (I even thought to snap the above picture to capture the moment). I recently decided to go 30 days without reading any books except for the Bible, and I am slowly reading my way through the Gospels. I was savoring the unexpected time alone and I began to read, but didn’t even make it through two chapters before the Munchkin was awake and crying for breakfast. So, the moment was indeed fleeting, but I savored it for all it was worth. And, my hope is that I will continue to learn how to do more of that, savoring those little moments when they come and for as long (or short) as they last.


One thought on “Those Fleeting Moments

  1. Those fleeting moments can be the richest in a day, bringing encouragement, a smile,, a lift to the heart….and there are many tucked into each day! Enjoy them when they come! Love you.

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