Baby #2: 21 Weeks

 photo 21weeksBaby2_zps247af788.jpg

I am now 21 (and a half) weeks along with Baby #2. That means I am…

10 Weeks to the age when Lydia was born
15 Weeks to my personal goal
19 Weeks to term


Potty training!

We were advised that if we wanted Lydia to be successfully potty trained before Baby is born, and to stay potty trained after Baby is born, it’d be best to attempt it sometime in July. So I am attempting to potty train her in three days.

If you have never heard of the three-day method, it goes something like this: for three days parent and toddler hang out in the bathroom while Toddler is diaper-less. The first day is supposedly going to be full of accidents (we’ve had 2 so far and we’re about halfway through), but by day 2 and 3 both parent and toddler are learning how to recognize and respond to the need to “go”.

Will it work?

Dan is pretty skeptical, I’m a little more hopeful, and only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Baby #2: 21 Weeks

  1. Don’t give up on day 4 if she isn’t trained by the end of day 3. All of our guys trained early. Be consistent and don’t become frustrated. She will get it and everyone will like it.

  2. My mom used the “turn the faucet on” method. I still remember the day it “clicked.” I was no more than 18 months old. She was slightly impatient.

  3. Update us and let me know how it goes. I’m reading Toilet Training in Less Than a Day and spending this coming Saturday training Austen:)

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