Traverse City Vacation: Part 3

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Days 4 and 5 – Hospitality…Dame Style

Our summer vacation wrapped up with a visit to see our wonderful friends, the Dame family. It lasted over 24 hours (they’re doing, not just ours!).

For those who don’t know them, the Dames can be quite spontaneous. We were afraid they would forget we were coming. But our doubts were settled when we accidentally parked in front of the neighbor’s lawn, the neighbor calls the police if they see someone parked in front of their lawn. We received fair warning from Frankie before anyone called any police! And then we were welcomed heartily:

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1. The girls (there are seven not including Mrs. Dame) greeted us with personalized artwork on the garage door

2. They really rolled out the red carpet

(We don’t have pictures from Saturday night because I had a terrible headache and missed out on much of the fun. After some good grilling, Dan enjoyed mingling with some church folks and playing some kickball. There was a birthday cake and in my sleepy, painful, half-completely-out-of-it, headachey state, I was incredibly concerned that I wouldn’t get a piece. I was happy to find out that everyone else forgot about it and we didn’t eat it until Sunday.)

3. The girls snatched Lydia right up and loved all over her non-stop. They loved it. She loved it. We loved it.

4. We were fed lots of good food.

5. Lydia ate lots of watermelon and completed the trip by dripping cherry or watermelon juice onto every outfit she wore. (We got ALL the stains out with just a little dish soap and boiling water)

6. We enjoyed a lot of time in the golf cart. Lydia pretended to drive whenever anyone let her into the front seat. We golf-carted to church (at a campground this particular weekend) and the adults and babies golf-carted all around the lake while Mr. and Mrs. Dame treated us to ice cream cones.

7. Church took place right next to a playground. This was a great matter of distraction during the service but HOURS of fun afterward.

8. We spent the afternoon (after church) making new friends.

9. Morgan took charge of Lydia all Sunday afternoon and Lydia loved it. Morgan is now one of Lydia’s favorite people ever.

10. In an effort to make sure we felt neither over or under-dressed for church, Mr. Dame dressed to match Dan.

11. From red carpet to top-of-the-deck farewell, the Dame’s thoroughly hospitalitized us until we absolutely had to leave (far later than we had planned) on Sunday night.

And Sunday night wrapped up a very successful, very full, very fun family vacation.


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