Traverse City Vacation: Part 2

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Day 3: Fun Times with the Taylors

After cherry picking (I’ll come back to that. I skipped it on purpose) we drove out of Traverse City to Dan’s parents’ home. They, of course, were thrilled to spend the day with Lydia (and us too). To kick it off, everyone headed outside to blow bubbles, one of Lydia’s favorite activities.

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Before Bubbles had quite loosen it’s appeal, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor surpised Lydia with a Big Wheel they had been hiding for the past two years. Sadly, Lydia was too short to reach the peddles. She didn’t even come close. But, never fear, Grandpa Taylor hatched a plan to save the day. A little rope later and she was ready to roll, through the grass and over to the school parking lot. The Big Wheel was a hit!

 photo Bigwheel_zpsba0f4278.jpg

I promptly headed home and took a nap.  Later, Grandpa Taylor grilled up some of Dan’s favorite burgers for dinner, and Lydia had a blast playing with Roy.

 photo Roy_zps9c5cc3ee.jpg

Even though the day was much more relaxed that our previous activities, Lydia was still tired out.

 photo Sleepy_zps46505aa2.jpg

Day 4: A Little More Taylors and Traveling

The next morning Grandma put in some kids music and Lydia insisted Grandpa and Grandma dance and sing along. She had so much fun and we had so much fun watching!

 photo Dancing_zpsfcff5956.jpg
Saturday afternoon we made a couple more visits to our grandparents, then took another long car ride over to West Branch where we were hospitalitized by the Dame family…


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