An Eventful Weekend

Often, our weekends are pretty uneventful. Saturday we grocery shop. Sunday we go to church and participate in some afternoon activity (dinner with another family, baseball, or the occasional nap). This weekend was a little out of the norm for us.

We started off by taking a road trip to visit Dan’s Aunt Debbie in Jackson. During a nice dinner at Qdoba (our favorite semi-fast food restaurant…ok, Dan’s favorite all-time restaurant) we worked on some plans for an upcoming Bridal shower.
This is Bob and Leslie:


Dan’s brother, Bob is marrying Leslie this September. In August we have the privilege of hosting a bridal shower for Leslie, the first shower I’ve ever helped to host. We just recently received the official invite for Bob and Leslie’s wedding and I spent part of my afternoon reading their courtship story here.

Anyway, after a yummy meal we picked up a few decorations and things for the shower. Then we made our way to The Parlour, Jackson’s famous ice cream diner. We don’t eat a lot of ice cream so an annual trip to The Parlour is a real treat. However, by this point Lydia had come down with a nasty cold and we, sadly, had to keep her from tasting any ice cream or frozen yogurt herself.


On Sunday, Lydia was noticeably sicker, so she and I stayed home from church. In the afternoon, despite our sickly little munchkin, we embarked on another mini-road trip to Grand Rapids.
This is Aaron and Faith:


Aaron and Faith were married in Virginia recently, but due to some mold in our home and illness in our family, we were unable to go. So nothing was going to keep us from their Michigan reception. The weather was perfect and the outdoor, picnic reception was beautiful and fun.


There were lots of introductions made, a picnic dinner, a buffet of desserts, dancing, and a bonfire. But since Lydia was feeling pretty miserable, we opted out just before the dancing.


It was quite the eventful weekend and we have another one ahead of us! This weekend Dan is taking Friday off so we can take a halfway lengthy trip (Wednesday through Sunday) up North to visit our families, Traverse City, the beach, the cherry festival, and some other good friends on the way back home.


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